Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday B!

I feel so bad because I don't have many pictures of Ash (believe it or not)

this one she took of herself with the computer

I put a lot of pics with the kids because she is so good with them

these two are inseparable, joined at the hip

I love, love, love this shot of Ash. Sooooo beautiful

some of these are from years past, such as this one


Tom said...

Dang your hot Ashley! I think you get it from your Uncle Tom!

Anonymous said...

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rachel said...

Ashley is so freaking beautiful. The thing is that she is so lovely in pictures, but she is 100 times more lovely when you interact with her and see her facial expressions and personality. Such a classic girl.

mumovearls said...

You have the HOttest Wife! I love the one of her!

Good luck at your meeting tomorrow! I'll cross my fingers for youy -but you know you'll do fine right?-n

Anonymous said...

She should have been a famous model with those facial bones of hers.


FiddleWiz said...

ashley is gorgeous.... and you take amazing pictures of her!