Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday at the Emigs

Jack before he went to play in the snow


connie n abigail





Samantha said...

Why don't we live by you so we can play too? I loved these pictures. Jack's eyes look amazing.

Berta said...

LOVE ALL the face pictures. I need help with taking those - a little tuitoring 101! Nice work (as usual).
Love, love, love

Lindsay said...

Cortney--You take amazing pictures. You have such a creative eye.

mumovearls said...

Courtney I love love love your talent you are amazing if we come to Utah will you take our family pics? please?????

Love your snow pictures!

angie said...

just wanted to give you some praise as well. i look forward to seeing your pictures. they are always so amazing, and just seem to capture so much. you are one talented kid.

calistaemig said...

Once again, the look on Joey's face. I get that look alot. hee.