Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Texture 101

So my buddy Kurt has a photography class that he is taking and his first assignment was texture.  I wanted to do some of the assignments with him so he so kindly invited me along. Texture is a pretty basic thing really, you can find some sort of texture on pretty much anything you can find and that is why I  love going back to the basics.  I think my eye has changed since I have progressed in my photography, and not necessarily for the better or worse... it has just changed.  Doing this type of assignment forces me to shoot things I wouldn't normally shoot in my everyday life, so it stretches me in a sense.  We went to a couple different locations but it was kind of hard to find different things, because the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of texture is wood, or metal, or brick so it was a bit of a challenge thinking of locations.  

an abstract view through some glass


same glass different views

A couple old buses (or busses) we found on our hunt

probably my fav. of the bunch


I really like this one too

this is the only one i didn't edit at all, a rare thing in this digital world of ours

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Found them

I got all of my photos back...thanks to everyone who helped me out.  I am pretty sure that I don't want that to happen to me again, so I think that it was a much needed reality check to back my pics up.  Don't be as dumb as I was you do it to.
More to come

Friday, January 16, 2009

I have never claimed to be the smartest or handsomest person in the world

P.S  Last night I deleted about 11,000 photos off my computer.  It was a simple mistake really, I was just trying to spice up my iphoto button icon thingy with a new fresh icon of a camera lens so I created the new one and I had it on the desk top so I chucked my other one in the trash and replaced it with my new sweet one (which was an empty version of it) After a bit of cleaning up and throwing other things in the trash I ended up emptying my trash which got rid of a lot of stuff...including, 11,000+ photos that I have been so lazily storing up to empty out onto my external someday.  

Luckily I have all of the good ones preserved in Ash's blog and some in my blog, but to be honest I don't really know what was on there.  Anyone know how to find stuff that you threw away in the trash and then emptied the trash?  I can't find any trace of it in my spotlight.....or anyplace I know where to look?  Ash and I have been sick all day about it.  

I do know that a lot of them are repeat photos that already exist on my external, but there are some that I think will be gone forever:(  Sad day

Kurt 101

Today I chilled with my buddy Kurt who is just getting into photography (good for you Kurt) we were just sitting around talking when we decided to go shoot some pics close by.  I love this one were he is shooting into the mouth of an active volcano here in Orem.

I like the way a lot of these shots of metal pipe turned out, they have a cool abstract look to them.  I applied that "gritty" look to most of them, so ya I am trying to make them look the way they are. 

I think this one is my fav of the day.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I am not quite sure what type of style these photos fall under, but I think it gives some photos a little funky fresh look to them.  Ash doesn't like this style that much and for some shots it doesn't work at all but  I am putting these on as examples for you mom. 

I know these shots are old photos, but bear with it is kind of cool to see what they used to look like before the "gritty" look was put on them.

What do you think?  It really brings out the alien in some people but others look a lot like Norman Rockwell paintings.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

oh man!

So I haven't posted for a while....what's new?  I have already accepted that I suck at getting my stuff online, so there is no surprise there.  The only problem with that is that I have beautiful photos like this one all over my computer just waiting to go on.  You would think that now that I am not working I would have a lot more time to take pictures and post them as well.  Just the opposite is happening, less photos and no posts! 
 I have committed to lightroom now for my photo cataloguing and workflow, but I can't get it right, this photo is the only one that didn't look like I put clown makeup on everyone.  I am going to keep trying to make this work, I may have to just go back to good ol' photoshop cs4.  Justin I need your help.  
I should have a blog entitled Ash, and fill it with all of the photos I have of her,  oh man she would love that!   I will get some of these other photos together in the next couple of days.