Thursday, July 29, 2010

Assorted Roach kids

Hen Dog

Don't you just want to eat this kid?


What cute kids those 2 people have created.

Buddy, Wife, Sister

I am just trying to play a little catch up. I took a couple of photos from a big family shoot I did. I think I am going to start posting just a few pics on my blog now of each shoot, because I am just too lazy to post a lot:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Personal Touch

I realize that these photos appeal to about .3% of you, but I have to post them because I am so stoked on them right now.

These 2 rods that I am featuring were built by Jory for me (blue one light in color) and our buddy Sam (the other one). Personally I think my rod is the coolest one that he has ever built, but I am biased:)

Shawn's, mine, Sam's
I love the lighter color (nude) of my rod, it shows the natural color of the bamboo, and the light colored wraps.....mmm that is nice.

Sam's rod

Jory makes all of his grips from scratch. Mine has box elder bark on the outside (dark ring) and the inside speckled layer is birch bark. They are flattened and cut to shape then inlayed into the grip.

I love this thing so much, it is perfect in every way. Thanks Jory!!

Shawn's Rod


Sorry it took so long to put these up. It is almost impossible to take a photo of a rod, but at least you can see kind of what it looks like.

This is another creation of Jory's. I think every rod that he builds is better then the next, but I still think mine is the best. I will post more of the others in a bit, for now enjoy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strawberry and ice

If you know me at all, you know that I have an obsession with fishing. The times that I am not fishing, I am thinking of it, reading blogs of people that I don't even know fishing. Watching movies of other people fishing...... so Ash knows how therapeutic it is for me, so I am a pretty lucky boy that she lets me go as much as I do.

This is the 2nd time we went to Strawberry Reservoir as the ice was melting off the lake. It is by far the hottest time of the year to fish there, but at the same time it is really fricking freezing!! All 3 times that we have gone this year it has been below freezing and 30 mile per hour winds. If you dress warm it is fine.

We ended up catching about 6 each and the thing about it is that they are all quality fish. I don't think any of them were smaller than 18".

It is pre-spawn time and with all of the ice melting the fish are hungry, so here are some pics of some of the cutties we caught.

Jory came along with me and we had a grand old time.