Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Engagements for Gerith and Jessica

These guys were so awesome to hang out with, we had a lot of fun at this shoot. Here are a couple of my favorites, which were hard to pick from because they all turned out so good.


Please help these 2 pick out your favorite of them, let them know what one you like the best. (all 7 of you valiant followers)

I think this may be one of my top shots of the day.


Jeep Safari Moab Utah

The boys had a pretty good time there in Moab but the thing they liked the most about it was exploring around camp and going on hikes. I thought they would have loved going on trails in the jeep and watching the huge trucks everywhere but they didn't really care about that stuff at all. Who would have thunk? Check Ash's blog for a more in depth detailed trip. She will post it soon???

A lot of the photos that are taken of us were taken from Austin and I think he did a pretty good job of it.

This is of all of us at camp just hanging out waiting for the rain to come.

Us at camp.

Almost all of the photos taken of Austin were while we were driving. I had my camera on my lap and used it when needed. Check out all of the tire tracks on the rock, it is amazing because you drive on this terrain for like 15 miles and there are dozens of trails in the area. This particular trail is called "Fins and things". Pretty dang fun trail.

Some of the things are pretty gnarly but with lockers everything is pretty easy. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the jeep performed.

So beautiful

Going up is a cinch, going down is another story.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

The last several years (minus last year because of the jeep safari) I have been invited to go to Vegas with a lot of dudes.  It is kind of a fairy tale lifestyle for a guy that doesn't have a job because the suite and all of the food is free. For more details on the room and food visit Tarence's blog It was a lot of fun hanging out with all of the boys. 
 It was a lot of fun hitting the streets to see what I could see. All of these photos were taken within a couple blocks from our hotel. We stayed in the craziest sweet in the Encore hotel which is straight up crazy sweet.

Here is a self portrait of me in the room.

a couple of windows out

something shady happening here???

Any person that carries one of these drink holder things with a laniard around their neck (usually much larger than the one in the picture) should get beat up!
Elow Pip

When girls hang out a lot they cycle together.  This is what happens when boys hang out a lot.

A lot of this happening there.

I'm pretty sure this dude is famous.

By far my favorite shot of the trip.  Speaking of Trip this dude was trippin'.  He walked by a couple of times and he was completely gone into lala land.  He stared at this bag long enough for me to notice take a shot and walk away.  Who knows he could still be staring into that bag.

This is the person that hands out those trading cards with the half naked chicks on them.  Hey at least it's a job right?

I feel your pain

We were really pretty close to the action that was taking place in the next 2 frames.  I felt like I needed to wash my hands and my brain out after I saw that.  It was a little more intimate in person.


Life is good