Friday, February 20, 2009

Urban Streets

Once again if it weren't for my buddy Kurt, calling and pestering me about going out with him to shoot I never would have captured any of these images, so thanks Kurt.
Sticking to the basics we headed out and tried to just go to the streets and find what we could find and it was a tough one because it was one of those things were we only had a while to shoot so it almost felt a little forced you know?  We ended up getting a couple pretty good shots I think.  

Under the train bridge where all of the homeless people live.

Street cat.... those eyes creep me out!

I saw this lady above in the fabric store and i wanted to hang out until she came out.  I love that track suit!  I wonder if she made it?

Kurt in all of his sexiness

I think that most people feel really uncomfortable when they see you taking pictures of them.  I guess that's why they make zoom lenses huh?

One of my favorites of the bunch.  Very ironic if you ask me.

These next photos cost Kurt a buck.  I think it was worth it.

Getting ready to lay some new track.  (funny I know)

This is where I took J n' A engagement pictures, it is a great little spot under the streets.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ash needed me to take some pics of Timp temple for her class, so I headed up and shot a couple.  

This one is my favorite of the bunch

How often do you find a white dove sitting on the temple..... I thought that was pretty ironic


Quianna n' Jackiepoo


Quianna, that is one cute girl!