Sunday, October 4, 2009

6th Water Camping Trip

My boy Jory and I spent last weekend fishing 6th water canyon. Ash was nice enough to let us go for 2 nights, so we tried to do as much as we could in a couple of days.

This is the only picture we have of the big brown that Jory caught, it flopped and swam off before we could get another picture. It was big though. This stream is really pretty small to house a fish larger than 12 inches, but we caught em'.

Not a good picture of the fish I caught, but you can see on the rock all of the caddis flies cases clinging on.

I attempted a couple of underwater photos....they weren't that good.

This photo shows the length of this rainbow that I caught. The indicator on the rod 20" hasn't been used for a while, but we used it on this trip. Biggest fish of the trip.

the hogg

All of the leaves had just started changing before we got there.

My 2nd biggest fish of the trip (that I landed) this was a 17" fat cut throat.

When we started our hike we had to wade across the stream in our bare feet. It was super cold and it hurt really bad, because we had 50 extra pounds on us. I almost fell in like 10 times

Starting our hike in. We hiked in so we wouldn't see other people. We went about 3 miles, then camped.

John and Kelsey engagements

These guys are such a fun couple, we had a great time on our shoot. Here are a couple to feast your eyes upon. We ended up shooting a couple from the parking lot, which ended up being our destination for the day.

I guess it goes to show that you can make beautiful photos anywhere if you have 2 good looking people.