Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fog a rollin' in

I looked out side a few minutes ago and there was a cool thick fog that coated everything, so I ran outside got my stuff set up and it went away, so I took a couple of photos anyway.

I took these a little while ago.....ya not tonight.

ya tonight

this too


Anonymous said...

Ever since your blogs taking votes on which photo is the best, I can't help myself: I choose my favorite every time you post. This time, the last one.


Berta said...

Oh, the fav for me is 'under the Tetons' . . . I wonna live there . . .OR be buried there . . .however, not any time soon! Brilliant work AGAIN, Toe-doe!
Luv U, Mom

Anonymous said...
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FiddleWiz said...

oooooh me likey! I love it when I recognize some of these places (like the corner near your house) and then that other street... and you add new depth to it with your shots... it is so freaking cool.