Monday, March 3, 2008

wind storm

It's hard to believe that the wind was blowing over 30 mph while I was shooting these photos. It was sooooooo cold, the wind chill made it like 200 below.

I took these at work as the sun was going down.


Anonymous said...
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Berta said...

Those are beautiful - I love the last shot (down, low and personal!). I know the feeling of being COLD, COLD, COLD. In fact one night my battery went dead because of the cold sub-zero temps! No one can appreciate those! Keep em' coming.
Luv, Mom

Anonymous said...

#6 this time. I love these mountains.


Mandy said...

actually cortney, i'd be pretty dissapointed if i was your boss, taking pictures of mountains on company time. i felt like the right thing to do was to inform your employer. so expect to be talked to this coming week. i did it for your own good.


Anonymous said...

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