Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Killin' me

It is killing me that I don't have the time to go out and shoot right now. I took a quick trip down the street to take some pics yesterday, I just wish I could take more.

This super rad door was on an old barn.... I want it as my front door to my house!


Anonymous said...

That is the radest door i think i have ever seen! I really love the factory smoke photo in color. Congrats on the salt lake 7...your hangin with the big boys now.
Get yo butt out there and take more photos! We will be checkin back.
peace,love, wilderness,

*ethan* said...

That door pic is the dopest! my mom has a framed picture of just different doors and that one could have easily made it

ps sorry that i didn't invite you to go on a school trip with my class

Berta said...

Take your 'machine' to work with you - there's lots of interesting stuff there (that we NEVER see). Let us see your 'private fishing hole', favorite place to hangout etc, wildlife - Take a pic-a-day etc.

Love em' all - especially like the door as well - that would look great framed!

JJDDS said...

Cort, Email me at johnjeromedds@gmail.com

vjc said...

do you know this "dumuro"? it message seems to have a big messy wormmy virus.thing connected. warning.

timmay said...

i though you were prohibited from taking pictures after you got caught taking photos of little kids. hey thanks for calling me back the other day, we talked sooo much that i went over on my minutes. ur such a good friend! oh yeah, im gay now, i started a blog. check it out

mumovearls said...

wow you can continue to amaze!