Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan. 16 2008

this tree in Tikal looked like any other, as I got closer these colors were so unique and beautiful for tree bark.

clouds and light were perfect at these ruins

We stumbled upon a flock of wild turkeys, I only had a split second to get a shot before they ran away.

love this shot

This was called the Christmas tree for good reason, notice the boat in the bottom right

When you get close the rocks spew water from them I wish the pictures would do it justice

the thing was hundreds of feet tall and covered with green mosses, it was beautiful

Mexican hat dance

Guatemalan guys unloading their produce to take to the market.

This is the home of the "Christmas Tree" some of the walls were thousands of feet straight up, and the water gets as deep as 800 feet deep.

This was taken in the high country about 9500 feet elevation in Guatemala, guy in native dress and a party hat