Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 days straight

On my way to take back the redbox move tonight I took my camera to capture the 2nd day of snow in a row.


Berta said...

I love them all - I especially like the last one - nice lines! "We got more snow than you dude!" Love the lamp post too. Keep em' coming. Listen, when are we going to do a book and get rich?
Love, Mom

Sherry Ward said...

These are cool but what I want to know is...where the heck is your redbox?!?!

cort said...

Oh I just drove around and looked for a place with the least amount of people. These (most) are at that huge new condo/food place on south state street. You know the place that's like 100 feet tall. The security guard was asleep in his car with like 3 inches of snow on the top of it so I knew I was clear to shoot photos and spin a couple of donuts in the parking lot.

*ethan* said...

hey we're on at the same time..... but at that huge new condo place in orem is the best cool/ unique pizza place pizzeria 712 my baby mama's friend owns it and we go there all the time

cort said...

We are on at the same time, thanks for the complements dude. Lets get some grub on at the pizza place then.