Monday, November 10, 2008

Carson's Baptism party

Kelton,  Best shot of the bunch


There was a special delivery from Southern Utah of some huge delicious watermelons from Charlotte. 


Carson's big day

I love this shot

Grandma Ward


Rob and Shawn


ashleyboice said...

man my hair looks perfect

Justin Hackworth said...

That first shot and third shot are my all-time favorite images of yours. Perfect pictures.

mumovearls said...

Ashley you are Amazingly Beautiful! (Courtney you scored!) Court you are so amazing with this camera! Gorgeous shots!-Nena

The Kraus House said...

cort you are so good at photography!! I love your pic.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I've had my blog for a while now and I'm trying to keep creeps like you off it!

Oh, ha ha. Love the new photos. There are a lot of online places where you can get paid for your art like Etsy, jpg and others. I saw the wedding photos blog - they are well done. How is it going?